Black Friday seems to come earlier every year and it almost seems like November has become the month for retailers to deeply discount products. My ex (a former Geek Squad agent) told me that Best Buy made most of their sales for the year on Black Friday. I tried going to Best Buy on Black Friday in person once and was mostly disappointed. All I got was a Rock Band set for $50, though I ended up selling it since it took up too much space!

I have fond memories of Best Buy in my teenage years, mostly playing Street Fighter with my brother and going through the CDs (where I got Echo & the Bunnymen’s Heaven Up Here album – to complete the set of their masterpieces from the original lineup).

More recently, I’ve bought a few big ticket items like the FitBit Charge 2 (which may have actually been better than my current Versa). I have tried getting into the SmartHome trend, but I still have a lot of paranoia about security and privacy.

What’s new this year for Best Buy’s Black Friday Deals?

SlickDeals has some predictions based on last year, here are some highlights. I’m not as into Black Friday as some people, but I know my brother always mentions great blu ray deals (though he probably already has these titles):

I’d consider the Nintendo Switch if it came with the new Pokemon games, otherwise still too pricey:

I have too many XBoxes at the moment, still not even sure what to do with them! It looks like Best Buy already has some great Doorbuster deals online for SmartTVs! Unfortunately, my brother got me one around New Year’s this year that’s pretty similar – but not LG, which is a better brand. It’s probably like the one he got for himself recently.

And since my mom still likes paying too much for cable, I might pick up a new Roku for her if it’s as good as their deal from 2018:

Also, my mom really needs a new iPhone, but I think there will be deals at all major retailers to choose from. I actually am due for an upgrade also, but I’m not in a hurry to get it as I’m happy with my current version. I used to be shopping for upgrades right away, perhaps I am maturing!

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