Most of my photos and videos are on this day, but I’m posting them a little late. I was visiting family in Taipei for my cousin’s funeral (a very unexpected and untimely one, as they tend to be). But, I’m leaving it at that out of respect for his family.

I decided to combine these bands on one post: The Black Ryder, Primal Scream, The Jesus & Mary Chain since they are all in sort of the same “family.” Which is also sort of the BRMC family of bands…  The Black Ryder are in Los Angeles, so I’ve seen them a lot more than many of the bands that day. Though it’s always nice to root for the home team. Anyways, the tent was a little suffocating with heat so heading to the main stage for Primal Scream was actually a very welcome move.

LEVITATION 2015 Day 2: The Black Ryder

Primal Scream @ LEVITATION 2015

I haven’t seem Primal Scream enough in my life and their set was exciting and fun as when I saw them 13 years ago. It just shows they have staying power (and a lot of energy).  They are a lot of fun to see live and definitely got the audience moving. In addition to photos, I took a couple videos of “Higher the The Sun” and bit of “Swastika Eyes.”

This playlist also includes some videos of The Jesus and Mary Chain playing “My Little Underground” and “Never Understand”:

The Jesus & Mary Chain @ LEVITATION 2015

A 30th Anniversary of Psychocandy tour really shows how influential the album/band are years later. Still appealing to people of all ages (even those who weren’t even born when it came out). The Mary Chain still sounded as good as ever playing the songs that influenced many bands after them.  They were mostly hidden by smoke on stage with some interesting projections when they weren’t obscured by smoke.

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